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Is intended for use under rural, Industrial (mildly chemically polluted) or moderate marine conditions.



Innovative methods and production techniques are taking steel to new levels of strength, formability and versatility. In Aluzinc, the durability and service life of modern coated steel is extended even further.


Galvanized sheeting is produced by continuous hot-dipping of a metallic Zinc-coating of the steel substrate to produce a corrosion protection barrier. It is a very popular product used in general industry, construction, appliances, ducting, roofing and many more.

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Polycarbonate Sheeting

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Natralite is the ideal choice for Architects and specifiers for non-corrosive industrial structural roofing and siding (cladding), while homeowners prefer natralite for a a wide range of DIY projects.

Roofing Profiles


“Inverted Box Rib” or IBR is a popular profile know to the South African building industry for its versatility.



Corrugated is Galvanized or Chromadek® steel sheeting roll formed into an S-rib profile.

Wide Span

Wide Span is a square fluted profile similar to IBR. Using the same width input coil, it has a better cover width than IBR, making it a more economical alternative to IBR.

About JCP Roofing

JCP Roofing operates in the construction, building and renovation industry. The company is solely a supplier and does not offer erecting, construction, building or cladding of roofs.  Company performance is not subject to the changing seasons, which means we can provide excellent service throughout the year. Because of our good service and lead times, JCP Roofing has become the preferred supplier to many construction companies.
The group of directors have been successfully managing JCP Steel Supplies for more than 23 years. They have learned by trial and error while developing the business. A key lesson has been realising the importance of doing business not only from a management perspective, but from a customer’s perspective too.
JCP Roofing has diversity in its directors’ areas of expertise, from logistics to customer relations, engineering and more.
About JCP Roofing

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