IBR“Inverted Box Rib” or IBR is a popular profile know to the South African building industry for its versatility. This robust square fluted IBR profile has an effective cover width of 686 mm and a flute height of 36 mm, commonly rolled from either Galvanized or Chromadek® material. IBR can be used for anything from the side cladding and roof covering of factories and warehouses, to residential roofs or even carports. IBR has impressive strengths, capable of up to 2.5m purlin spacing for the internal span, when rolled in 0.8 mm thickness. Furthermore to the strength provided to the IBR sheet by the flutes, JCP Roofing’s IBR profile has an additional 1 mm high stiffening rib parallel to the flutes. This stiffening rib aids in making the IBR sheet more rigid when handling, installing or walking on an IBR roof.

IBR is also aesthetically pleasing, thus the reason this profile is so popular in upmarket estates such as Steyn City, Waterfall Estate, Serengeti Estate, only to name a few. Homeowners are spoiled with choice when it comes to roof slopes, as IBR is ideal for roofs from 5° up to 50° roof slopes.

JCP Roofing can produce Galvanized IBR in 0.4mm 0.5mm, 0.58mm and 0.8mm thicknesses. Chromadek® IBR is available in 0.5mm, 0.58mm and 0.8mm, with 14 standard colours to choose from.

IBR Roofing Profile