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Corrugated is Galvanized or Chromadek® steel sheeting roll formed into an S-rib profile. This wavy corrugated profile is the most well-known profiled sheeting globally, commonly used to cover residential roofs, carports, sheds, etc. It is impressively strong due to the many curves shaping this profile to ensure maximal rigidity and an excellent cover width.  Corrugated sheeting has an effective cover of 762mm after overlapping and consists out of 10½ waves. This popular profile can be spun to up to between 1.1m and 1.5m internal span depending on the thickness of the material.

Corrugated is highly fashionable in South Africa, filling some of the country’s finest estates as the preferred roof covering for home owners. Corrugated roofs can be found in luxurious estates such as Steyn City, Heldefontein Estate, Midstream Estate, The Hills Estate, and many more. Because of its affordability, corrugated is also the first choice for roofing-solutions in low cost housing projects, as well as home renovations.

JCP Roofing supply corrugated sheeting in either Chromadek®, Galvanized or ZincAL® at various thicknesses starting from 0.4mm to 0.5mm, 0.58mm and 0.8mm. We cut any length up to 13m and 500mm as the shortest. With our unique and complex design that gives our profile a male and female rib, our corrugated sheeting is definitely one of the most beautiful and water tight corrugated profiles in the market.