What Different Types of Steel Sheeting are there for Roofing?

Steel sheeting is a popular material for roofing, used in multiple applications around the world. It is a common feature of industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories, as well as office blocks, residential homes and even structures like carports. Steel sheeting is so widely used because it is strong, durable, light and easy to work with, as well as affordable. It can be customised into a variety of sizes and shapes and enhanced with coatings for extra strength. The appearance of steel sheeting can be transformed from a plain industrial aesthetic to a more visually appealing slate or even wooden image – the material is incredibly versatile. Steel sheeting comes in three main types, which, together with coating options, are described below.

One very popular type of steel sheeting is the Inverted Box Rib (IBR) profile. This is a particularly robust type of sheeting with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and broad square flutes that allow easy, effective drainage of water. At JCP Roofing, the IBR sheeting offers a cover width of 686mm and a flute height of 36mm. Various thicknesses are available. The sheeting is capable of up to 2.5m purlin spacing for the internal span when rolled in 0.8mm thickness. It has an extra millimetre of high stiffening rib parallel to the flutes, increasing rigidity and strength. Galvanised and Chromadek® options are available for the IBR profile, with 14 different colour schemes.

An even more widely used type of steel sheeting is the profile known as Corrugated. Known for its characteristic wavy appearance, this steel sheeting is the oldest of the three types – the original, as it were, and is found almost everywhere. Corrugated roofing is used for structures ranging from low-cost housing to luxury mansions – this is because it is both stylish and economical, as well as extremely strong. The multiple curves of the profile provide an exceptionally high degree of rigidity. JCP’s Corrugated roof sheeting can be ordered in Galvanised, ZincAL® or Chromadek®, and spun to between 1.1 and 1.5m internal span, depending on the thickness. The sheeting has an effective cover of an impressive 762mm after overlapping.

The third majortype of steel sheetingis called Wide Span, and has a square fluted profile similar to that of IBR. It is known for its attractive appearance – particularly where the sheeting is curved. Wide Span sheeting can be used at lower roof slopes than IBR, and, as the name suggests, also offers better spanning – providing an effective cover width of 762mm. Basically, Wide Span combines the best of Corrugated and IBR in a very reasonably priced alternative. The sheeting can be manipulated into a range of radii, and various thicknesses are available. Wide Span roof sheeting from JCP Roofing can be ordered in Chromadek®, Galvanized and ZincAL® options. It is suitable for use for everything from industrial buildings to factory side cladding, carports and sheds.

JCP Roofing are experts in the field and can help you decide what type of steel sheeting, with what coating, if any, would best suit your structural needs. Each profile has pros and cons, and these need to be weighed up carefully before making a roofing decision.

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