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CORROSHIELD® Construction Fasteners

Are coated with our unique coating that provides our carbon steel fasteners with exceptional corrosion resistance capabilities. These specially coated fasteners are suited to outdoor environments where they are exposed to contamination by natural and industrial conditions in the atmosphere.

CORROSHIELD® Construction Fasteners are protected by layers of anti-corrosive coatings developed by our highly experienced team of
engineers. This proprietary coating formula consists of mainly Zinc and Aluminum to combat the deterioration of the carbon steel
substrate. The coatings provide far more advantages in comparison to conventional electroplating, dip spin coating and even mechanical plating.

Corrosion resistance performance of fasteners used in building and construction is crucial because they provide integrity and securement to the other components. Corrosion of ferrous fasteners can lead to failure of building systems as a result of their premature deterioration.

Tests conducted on CORROSHIELD® Construction Fasteners, by internationally accredited laboratories have found that we comply with corrosion resistance requirements of Australian Standards AS 3566.2 -2002 & South African Standards SANS 1273 -2011, Class 3 & 4.

Further corrosion test methods in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D6294 -2003 were also applied to assure further compliance of our fasteners performance under various environmental categories (SS-EN ISO 12944-2).

Cross Section of Aluzinc

Conducting extensive research and testing is our way of assuring our customers of our quality & consistency. These tests are conducted in collaboration with third party accredited laboratories to acquire unbiased test results. As a result of these thorough tests, CORROSHIELD® Fasteners are covered under our international warranty. This is our assurance that our fasteners will perform for a minimum number of years without mechanical failure resulting from corrosion.

Corroshield® Coating & Warranty Guide

Tested to comply with Australian Standards AS 3566.2 -2002 & South African Standards SANS 1273 -2011, Class 3 & 4.




Upper Thread

  • Larger upper thread gauge for better thin sheet engagement.
  • Locks EPDM washer in position below head flange.
  • Prevents water entry.
  • Upper thread can sustain 120kg of loading.


  • Maximum protection of shank. Prevents CORROSHIELD® coating from being damaged by sheet during installation.
  • Removal of burr from steel sheet.
  • Extension of fasteners lifespan.

LEVIN® Drill Point

  • LEVIN® is designed to slice off steel rather than to scratch it. It is also designed to use lesser manual load for fasteners to penetrate into steel.

    • Lower manual load required, easier to use.
    • 30% improvement in steel penetration speed.
    • Lower wastage, shorter man-hours.

EPDM Washer

  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer polymer) is recognized as an
    economical, versatile polymer ideal for all sealing applications.

    • Excellent aging characteristics
    • Resistance to ozone, ultra violet light, extreme temperatures, steam and a broad spectrum of chemicals.
    • Grey EPDM is stain and carbon free.



  • No more splitting of timber substrates.
  • Install as close as 10mm to Timber edge.
  • High upper thread pitch for improved thin sheet holding.
  • Easy drive with grooved thread design.


  • One Screw two applications
  • Drill into steel (3mm) as well as timber substrate


  • Fasteners for fixing skylight profiles preventing:
    • Cracking of skylight sheet due to thermal expansion
    • Water leakage with special dome EPDM washers