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Household hacks: Interior and Exterior uses for Corrugated steel

Feb 27, 2020

Most of the time, we think of corrugated steel as a roofing option. And although corrugated steel sheets are a great roofing material—versatile, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly—there
are many, many other uses for it around the house and yard.

Living areas and bedrooms.
One of the major decor trends to hit South Africa in the last few years has been the accent wall, a quick and dramatic way to make a room unique. Usually, this effect is achieved with a contrasting paint colour,
but it’s also possible to do it with low-profile corrugated steel sheeting, which gives you an elegant contrasting texture as well as that sought-after colour pop.

Using a product like Chromadek or Colorlume gives interior decorators and DIY enthusiasts
alike many colour and profile options for chic, minimalist looks, and even a plain ‘metal coloured’ a sheet of Aluzinc can really bring life to a room, especially if you want a rustic feel. If
covering an entire wall in corrugated steel sheeting is too much, it can be used in smaller accent areas such as wainscoting, bed head- or footboards, stair stringers and bannisters, or even

In fact, a corrugated steel ceiling in a light colour or natural metal shades can boost the feeling of lightness and airiness. Chromadek and Aluzinc, at half- or full-height, can also be used to
divide large rooms without a large footprint—just be sure, as always, to frame it properly to avoid the sharp edges.

Kitchens and bathrooms

It is in kitchens and bathrooms that corrugated steel sheeting really comes into its own. A coloured and finished product such as Chromadek, which is waterproof, rot-proof and easy to clean,
is a no-brainer for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, kitchen islands, cabinet doors, closet doors, and wet or dry bars.

Pro tip: because it doesn’t have a big footprint and is weather-proof, corrugated steel sheeting is a good choice for outside showers as well!

Patios and entertainment areas

Tired of marks on the walls around your pool table? Consider corrugated sheeting, in a colour that fits in with the rest of your decor. Products such as Chromadek, Colorlume, Aluzinc and
polycarbonate sheeting are also a good choice for patio awnings and verandah roofs for the same reasons they make a good roof: they are quick to install, long-lasting and—depending on
the product you choose—chic, rustic or simply see-through. And is there anything more South African than a zinc roof over the ‘stoep’?


Aside from the obvious value of your corrugated steel roof as a rainwater-harvesting device to make sure your property looks lush, corrugated sheets can also be used to erect privacy
screens around braai areas or swimming pools. They are also a good-looking option for dividing your ‘working garden’ of herbs and vegetables from your pleasure garden and are equally
handsome when used to construct garden sheds and storage areas. (Again, just be sure to frame fences and screens properly, to avoid the sharp edges.) Corrugated sheeting has considerable benefits
when used to construct raised garden beds: it can be in contact with damp soil without rotting, and, because it reflects light and conducts heat well, it can give your vegetable crops a boost.

Exterior cladding

Does the idea of repainting the whole exterior of your house every five years fill you with something less than joy? Consider cladding the outside with a coloured product such as
Chromadek or Colorlume, which come in a range of colours, and if installed correctly will seldom need replacing, won’t show damp, and can be easily cleaned with a simple combination of a
broom, a hosepipe and some dish soap. You can also paint it if you ever decide you don’t like the colour. In fact, you can rip it off and send it to the scrapyard if you wake up one morning
and want a total change—it’s 100% recyclable, after all. That said because the metal isn’t porous the same way plaster and brick are if you’re thinking of covering your interior or exterior walls in corrugated steel, speak to your supplier about what
you’ll need to do to make sure that your home stays properly insulated and dry.
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