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Key benefits of metal roofing

Feb 27, 2020

While tile, thatch and shingle roofing have their attractions, steel roof sheeting is some of the best roofing available today. Whether it’s for a home, a workshop or a commercial property, modern galvanized metal roofing sheets such as ZincAL offer rust-proof, affordable sheeting to meet all architectural and structural requirements, while colored options such as Chromadek combine robustness and charm. But good looks and off-the-shelf affordability aren’t all that metal roofs have to recommend them.


Metal roofs are long-lived and durable


If you purchase a manufacturer-guaranteed product from a recognized metal sheeting supplier, and have it installed correctly, steel roof sheeting can last for as long as 70 years without needing replacement. By comparison, shingle roofs last for about 25 years, and while tile roofs do typically have a longer lifespan, they are also relatively maintenance-heavy.


Most manufacturers are prepared to stand behind their products, offering warranties of up to 10 years—if that doesn’t sound like very long, bear in mind that the warranty on a new car is typically only 3-5 years.


Attractive, and quick to install


Putting a roof up is often one of the most fraught parts of building a new structure, let alone renovating a newly-bought one. The relatively low weight of a metal roof means that it allows builders and designers some flexibility when it comes to the underlying structure. Since metal roofing comes in a range of profiles, galvanized and colored coatings—from classic ZincAL silver to chic Chromadek shades—that are easy on the eye, it also gives designers aesthetic options.


Once the style of roof sheeting is decided on, it is quick to install—particularly if a commercial roofer does the job. This cuts back construction time and costs, and minimizes disruption to both the building’s inhabitants and surrounding premises.


Because it is affordable, tasteful, and quick to install, metal roofing is a good choice for environments where neatness and uniformity are required, such as shopping centers, apartment complexes, light-industrial zones, medical facilities, schools, and office parks.


Metal roofs are low-maintenance


Because they do not fade in the sun and are impact-resistant, metal sheeting roofs seldom need to be repainted, especially if they are made of a colored product such as Colourlume or Chromadek. They do not readily host moss or mildew, unlike tiled or thatched roofs. What dirt they do accumulate can be washed off with soap and water, taking away the need to purchase expensive proprietary cleaning products or hire special equipment.


Because they are largely rust-proof, withstand high winds, and are totally immune to termites, ants and borer beetles, galvanized and color-coated steel sheeting roofs do not need frequent inspection. If issues such as dents or rust do arise, they are relatively cheap and easy to fix using readily-available products all commercial roofers’ stock and know how to use.


Metal roofs are ecologically friendly and cost-effective


Studies have shown that metal roofing, if properly installed and insulated, keeps building interiors cooler than clay tile roofs. A ZincAL roof can transmit approximately 65 watts of energy per meter squared, while a galvanized steel roof transmits roughly 120 watts per square. A clay tile roof transmits 150 watts.


In a country that has significantly hot daytime temperatures, plentiful sunlight, and an overstretched national electricity grid, it’s probably a wise decision—environmentally and economically—to take steps to keep building interiors cool without resorting to air-conditioning.


Metal roofs are also 100% recyclable. Not only can discarded metal roofing be re-used in other applications or even for other roofs, it can also be melted down and repurposed as another item entirely.


Metal roofing is versatile, environmentally responsible, cost-effective, attractive, and readily available, making it a smart choice for new-builds and roof replacements residentially, industrially, and commercially.


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