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AutoCAD Drawing Specialist

We have a AutoCAD Specialist on site that will take your AutoCAD drawing and workout what lengths, widths and quantity of material is require for your project to be completed without you needing to worry what sizes you require.

Bullnosing / Cranking


We are capable of delivering from our warehouse in Nigel to on site within a 100km radius.

After Sales Service

In the roof sheeting industry, the work does not stop after the order has been placed. JCP Roofing stays in touch with the customer to keep them informed of the progress of their order, and to discuss delivery arrangements in detail. The feedback received from customers after supplying them with products is consistently positive, motivating the team to keep up the excellent service.


The directors of JCP Roofing believe that nothing can replace experience. Although most of the internal staff have formal qualifications, numerous hours are dedicated to further training. This is done to ensure that every individual has the required knowledge and skills to be the best at their job.

JCP Roofing is exceptionally professional and each customer is treated uniquely and on merit, so that every debtor is considered individually. A bad account is normally handed over after 120-150 days.

Company Achievements

JCP Roofing has gained substantial market share in the past change to 3 years. With orders as large as 41 tons of roof sheeting, the company is proud of its capabilities.

The launch of JCP Roofing’s very own unique concealed fix profile is estimated to hit the market in the third quarter of 2016.