What is Roof Sheeting?

Roofing has changed a lot over the centuries. Thatch, grass, stone and wood have all been used to create roofs for buildings – and metal too has a long history as a roofing material. Copper was used on temples many hundreds of years ago. These days, steel, which started appearing in roofing applications in the mid 1800s, is a popular choice for roofing – particularly in  industrial contexts. This is because it is strong, durable and affordable. It is also relatively light, making it easy to work with.

Unlike some other roofing materials, steel roofing is not produced in small squares or tiles, as this would be impractical. It is made in large sheets which are then arranged as necessary to create the roof structure. This is especially useful for very large buildings like warehouses, factories or barns.

Roof sheeting is very practical and easy to work with. After it has been ordered, it is produced by a supplier and delivered to the building on which it is to be fitted. It can be cut to the required size and shape. Once it has been fixed in place, it provides solid, broad coverage of the building and requires little maintenance.

There are three main types of steel roof sheeting that are used today – Inverted Box Rib, Corrugated and Wide Span. The main characteristics of each type are briefly explored below.

Inverted Box Ribroof sheeting is extremely widely used in South Africa, for everything from factories to homes and even car ports. It is a visually appealing profile of roof sheeting that is very versatile, offering a good strength-to-weight ratio and broad square flutes for easy drainage of water. It is ideal for everything from 5 to 50 degree roof slopes, giving buyers a range of design options for their structure.

Corrugated roof sheeting is well known for its wavy appearance and is arguably the most popular profile the world over. It is affordable, easy to install and repair, and also very strong. Its multiple curves provide it with a high degree of ridigity. If you are struggling to visualise this type of roofing, simply picture typical Victorian-era houses in South Africa. Corrugated roof sheeting is found everywhere nowadays – from luxury homes to low-cost housing projects.

Wide Span roof sheeting also has a square fluted profile, similar to that of Inverted Box Rib. This makes it quite an attractive type of roof sheeting, particularly if it is curved. It can be cranked, rolled and bull-nosed into a variety of forms. It is ideal for use at lower

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