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Wide Span

Wide Span is a square fluted profile similar to IBR. Using the same width input coil, it has a better cover width than IBR, making it a more economical alternative to IBR. With the effective cover width of 762 mm, it covers an impressive 76 mm more than a standard 686 IBR profile. Even though this product covers the same as a 762 Corrugated, Wide Span has much better spanning capabilities and can be used at much lower roof slopes than Corrugated, giving it a completely different aesthetical look as well.

Wide Span has various applications from industrial or residential roof coverings to side cladding for factories and warehouses. Wide Span is also a popular solution carports and sheds due to its economical and aesthetical properties. JCP Roofing also have the in-house facilities to do cranking, curving and bullnosing of Wide Span sheeting.

JCP Roofing can supply Wide Span in your preferred material. We stock Chromadek®, Galvanized and ZincAL® in all thicknesses from 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.58mm and 0.8mm respectively. All JCP Roofing’s material is guaranteed for up 10 years.