The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Chromadek

What is Chromadek? Chromadek is Mittal Steel South Africa’s trade name for a range of color coated sheet products. It is produced by coating sheet on a sophisticated coil coating line, where steel substrate surfaces are thoroughly chemically cleaned before a primer coat is applied to either one or both sides of the sheet. After elevated temperature curing, the top coat is applied, to either one or both sides and again cured in the gas-fired furnaces.

What are the benefits of using Chromadek? Over and above its aesthetic attributes, chromadek paint coatings are designed to provide superior corrosion protection under conditions where the performance of unpainted galvanized sheeting may prove inadequate. Furthermore, the coatings exhibit excellent formability and elasticity to facilitate roll profiling and bending operations without damage to the paint coating.

Because the product is one that is delicate, a few considerations are needed to accurately maintain chromadek; here are a few dos and don’ts to consider:

Clean or remove all metal deposits after constructing the roof: Loose fasteners, pop-rivet mandrills, metal drillings/objects increase the risk of corrosion and should be removed.

Prevent Damage to paint coating: This damage could increase the risk of corrosion if considered to be severe. In areas where edge corrosion is evident, (e.g. overlapping sheets and sheet ends) the corrosion will spread unless treated in good time. Clean the corroded edge thoroughly and repaint.

Repainting of roofs: If the need should arise to repaint a Chromadeck roof, it can be done with an appropriate roof preparation method and a suitable paint system.

Walking on roofs: Avoid abrasive contact, soft contact is recommended.

Scheduled roof maintenance: It is recommended that roofs are cleaned and washed regularly.

Roof location: Avoid adverse conditions

Roof pitch: The minimum roof pitch permitted is 2 degrees. Any roof pitch <2 degrees is seen as a flat roof that could be problematic in terms of corrosion due to static water.

Correct type and class of fastener: Must be used for a specific area and regional application

Staining and damage to Chromadeck surface: A roof system shall be designed to prevent drainage from one surface damaging or staining a lower surface, this aspect needs to be taken into account when solar panel installations are contemplated.

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